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What to Look for in a San Diego Stucco Contractor

Hiring a San Diego Stucco Contractor doesn’t have to be a stressful experience if know what to look for. When you need to find a reliable and professional stucco contractor, consider these specific requirements before making any hiring decisions.

License and Insurance

Businesses advertising stucco contracting services can be found everywhere, from quick internet searches to road signs stuck in the ground in residential areas. While it may be tempting to randomly pick a stucco contractor and hope for the best, it’s vital to know the contractor you’re hiring has been licensed to perform their work and carries insurance to ensure any damage they may incur while working will cover the repairs.

While unlicensed contractors can offer to do the job at a quarter of the cost, their lack of professional credentials may end up costing you significantly more than you anticipated, eradicating any savings you made by hiring unlicensed workers. Licenses and insurance information pertaining to the contractor should be verifiable with the city, county, or state organization that oversees the distribution and verification of individual licenses.

Also, the contractor in question should not have a problem providing the license and insurance information to a prospective client. Any company that refuses to do so may not be officially licensed to perform the work or be held accountable for errors and workmanship, which could lead to you spending even more money to hire someone else to correct the errors.

Hiring a contractor should be like buying a vehicle; if the seller won’t provide vital information about the item or service, thank them for their time and look elsewhere.

Look at Reviews and References

When looking for a stucco contractor, the two ways to check the quality of their work are to check references and reviews. What are others saying about this company’s work?

Any business can create a website using stock photos of work, so don’t assume that is their work. However professional stock photos can often show, better than their own “amateur” photography, examples of the kind of work that they can do. A website may not have professionally shot photos but they can give some idea of the work that can be done.

If the images identify a business where the work was done, you can perhaps call the business and ask how they liked the company that did the work. You can also ask the stucco contractor for the names of customers you may be able to talk to.

Google Reviews are a popular way to get an idea of the experience clients have. A ton of bad reviews talking about a lack of integrity or shoddy workmanship is not a good sign!

Business History

A Stucco contractor’s time in the business can be a subjective requirement for service. An older business likely has experience and loyalty following in the building industry. But do not discount a newer business. The company may be highly competent and skilled, having learned their craft by working for years under a more established stucco installation company. Still, when doing your homework on the contractor, consider how long they’ve been in business.

Positive word of mouth can go a long way with any business decision. You may want to check out what accreditation agencies say. For example, Sunny Coast Stucco has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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