Making improvements over the years ensures your investment pays off. Use stucco to increase your buildings value and curb appeal!
Exterior stucco renovation by Sunny Coast Stucco - San Diego, CA


One of the best investments that you can make in the San Diego area is to renovate your home or business property. Making improvements over the years ensures your investment pays off, and your place stays in good condition. One improvement that you may consider is upgrading the exterior siding of your property. Sunny Coast Stucco has the experience and skills to provide a quality renovation.

Weep Screed Installation

Weep Screed diagram
Exterior stucco renovation image

A weep screed is an important piece of your stucco siding. The purpose of a stucco weep screed is to direct any moisture that the stucco has absorbed away from the baseline of the siding. It wicks moisture away from the plate line, where the concrete foundation of the building begins. Skilled installation of your weep screed is critical to direct moisture away and avoid any future water damage.

You may currently have some kind of exterior siding, such as wood, brick, cement, or vinyl for example, that is weathered-looking and/or not properly protecting your home. Time to have Sunny Coast Stucco renovate your exterior to stucco!


Stucco can be finished in a number of ways. The skilled craftsmen at Sunny Coast Stucco are familiar with the professional application of the many textures and products offered today. From interior plaster to architectural foam design to fine smooth stucco textures.
float/sand stucco finish sample
(Most common finish for exterior stucco.)

This is a versatile finish that can be used on both traditional and synthetic stucco. It can also be sprayed on or applied with a trowel. Float or sand has coarse, fine, and medium patches.

dash stucco finish sample
Dash Stucco Finish
Dash- is sprayed onto homes with a light, medium, or heavy volume. Dash is a unique look, and it can be changed with 1–3 coats. This kind of finish is available for both traditional and synthetic, and it can be a great option for homeowners who are concerned with cracking.
lace and skip stucco finish sample
Lace & Skip
When you visualize a stucco finish on homes, it is usually lace and skip. This kind of finish is used with both commercial and residential buildings. Lace and skip is rough. Imperfections are easily hidden due to the variations in the texture. First, you put on the base coat, and then there is a fine, medium, or coarse pattern from which you can choose.
Santa Barbara stucco finish sample
Santa Barbara
Used only in traditional stucco application, Santa Barbara uses fine sand particles to develop an adobe look. Colored sand can be used to create variations, but if you don’t want variations in the coating, you can paint Santa Barbara finishes. It is also very smooth when finished, but this can cause very visible cracking.
Cat face stucco finish sample
Cat Face
Cat face is very easily recognizable for exterior stucco, as it has a similar rough design in very large smooth areas. This type of cat finish can be given in both conventional and synthetic stucco. Two coats are used to finish the cat’s face.
Smooth texture stucco finish sample
SMOOTH Texture
Although smooth texture is one of the most difficult finishes to achieve, it is becoming increasingly popular. Smooth texture can be colored, mottled, and can be customized to fit the aesthetics of your house or office.

Architectural Foam

Architectural foam is a cost-effective alternative to building materials like wood, concrete, metal, or plastic. Foam has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Architectural Foam is the most economical and environmentally safe way to create amazing decorative trims around windows, doors, eaves, corners, posts, columns, chimneys, fireplaces and just about anywhere, on your residence or place of business. With many decorative and standard finishes it allows you to really get a personalized look. For either Interior or Exterior uses.


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