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Interior plastering and stucco application are popular interior wall finishing in the San Diego area. Plaster is similar to stucco in its composition, with the only major difference being that it is gypsum-based. Both stucco application and interior plastering are labor intensive with a similar application process. 

Interior plaster is a type of wall finish that has been used for centuries to create a smooth, durable surface on interior walls and ceilings. Plaster can be applied to many different interior surfaces. The process of interior plastering involves applying the mix onto a substrate such as wood lath, metal lath or drywall, and then troweling it to achieve a desired texture and finish. Proper installation of interior plaster is crucial to ensure a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing result. Skilled plasterers should be hired to ensure that the plaster is applied evenly, avoiding cracking or sagging, and that it is allowed to dry completely before finishing.

The benefits of interior plaster include its durability, soundproofing qualities, and ability to improve indoor air quality by absorbing moisture and regulating humidity. It also provides a versatile canvas for decorative finishes such as paint, wallpaper, or stenciling.

Interior stucco application involves applying the stucco mix to interior walls and ceilings. Stucco can be used to create a variety of textures and finishes, such as smooth, rough, or patterned. The application process typically involves preparing the surface, applying the stucco, and then finishing it with tools or additives for the desired final appearance.

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