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Andy Estrada and the entire Sunny Coast stucco team take pride in their expertise, knowledge about all things stucco, and customer satisfaction. Because it is our livelihood, we have gained expertise through experience and product knowledge. We care about our reputation and know that satisfied customers will refer friends, acquaintances, and business associates to Sunny Coast Stucco. In this brief video called On the Job with Sunny Coast Stucco, we talk about what we do.

For those who want to learn about what we do, come join us “on the job” with this short video. Learn a bit more about the process, the importance of parts like weep screeds and expansion control joints, and what is a milcor. Don’t worry – there will not be a test after.
The point is knowing what works and why is critical to proper stucco installation and we know that at Sunny Coast!


” A little bit about our stucco process, the first step is you have to install a weep screed, which is a piece of metal or plastic that is going to be above your finished floor, such as concrete. Our second step is, this is the true weather barrier paper of your actual home or building. This is what’s going to prevent any type of moisture going into. Actually, what is going to hold your stucco, it’s going to be this stucco netting. This is called structalath. This is nailed very 16 inches on center, 6 inches vertically.

How the stucco terminates, there’s always going to be a corner bead, which is going to be either a straight or bullnose corner. There’s always going to be a stucco stop. It’s called a milcor, which is this edge right here. As you can see, the stucco is always going to terminate at a window, door or just up to a soffit or eave all the way up. A little bit about this section on this new build is, if you take a look at this soffit, basically you’re going to have stucco on this horizontal surface.

We do install these expansion control joints because it’s such a big area. These expansion joints are going to prevent from stucco cracking. If you do not have this expansion, after it’s all set and done, you might see cracks all over the place. At least, this is going to help and prevent from your stucco cracking after final application. ”

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Fortunately being on the job with Sunny Coast Stucco is not necessary. We are experts at what we do and your project is in our good hands. When hiring Sunny Coast Stucco for residential or commercial stucco installation, or new construction, homeowners or business owners can expect professional, high-quality service and a finished project that meets their standards.

Our team arrives on time, cleans up after ourselves, protects your property, and is available to answer questions along the process. The team at Sunny Coast Stucco has years of experience in stucco installation and uses the latest techniques and materials to ensure a durable and attractive finish on time and to your specifications. We prioritize customer satisfaction and create a customized solution that meets their specific needs and preferences.

Call us at (619) 230-5203 or please fill out our online form to request a quote or get answers to your questions.


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