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How to Clean Exterior Stucco Walls

Having stucco for your home or building exterior is a great choice for our southern California climate. To clean exterior stucco walls requires a bit of time and care, just like any cleaning job you want to do well. You don’t want to just blast the exterior with a pressure washer set at the strongest water volume.

Effective cleaning is important to maintaining the overall lifespan of a stucco exterior. If done incorrectly, the walls could sustain damage and need to be repaired or replaced if the damage is extensive. Done correctly, cleaning an exterior stucco wall can result in a refreshed look for your home or building.

Routine Washing

Stucco requires regular cleanings to remove dirt and avoid any buildup of grime. Routine maintenance can combat algae, mold and mildew. It’s advisable to clean your exterior stucco on a quarterly basis, though it is safe to clean it more often as needed.

Regular washings can use cleaning solutions and long handled scrub brushes or you can use a pressure washer though again don’t blast at stucco at the most powerful setting. You can also hire a good local pressure washing service that has experience with cleaning exterior walls made from stucco.

Repairs First

Before cleaning, you need to inspect your walls for any signs of deterioration or damage. Repair these first to avoid worsening the problem. Plan on checking the stucco at least a week before you start cleaning.

Why a week? Because that will usually be sufficient time for any repairs to set firmly before you go after the stucco with chemical cleaners, scrub brushes, or hoses. If you find cracks or holes, seal them with acrylic cement or similar products designed for stucco repair. If you are not sure what to do, please call Sunny Coast Stucco as we are experts on stucco and stucco repair.

It’s important to go step-by-step to achieve the best results.


Washing stucco is like washing a car or the dishes. You will want to rinse first before applying any cleaning solution. An good pre-rinse will help remove some of the excess grime before you get to the heavier clean.

Cleaning Solution

A good stucco-washing solution usually involves water, Borax, liquid detergent, and bleach. For the do it yourselfer, this combination will usually restore the appearance and cleanliness of the stucco exterior. The bleach helps eliminate any mildew or algae growth.

Again, a professional stucco cleaning service may be the better choice. They will know the right products to clean your stucco properly. They have the equipment to get around the building, reach high areas, and hard to reach spots.

Pressure Washing

When using a pressure washer on stucco, do not use a pressure higher than 1,000 PSI. Higher pressure can damage the stucco. Also be sure to use the sprayer at an angle, as a direct blast could also cause unwanted damage.

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