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Fixing Stucco Construction Defects

When stucco is not put on buildings the right way, it can cause a lot of problems. These issues can make the building look bad and might also make it weaker. The main reasons for these problems are not preparing the surface properly, not applying the stucco correctly, or not thinking about the weather. This can lead to water getting in, cracks, white marks, stains, and the stucco coming off the wall. We will talk more about these fixing stucco problems, why they happen, and how Sunny Coast Stucco helps.

Common Stucco Construction Defects

  • Water Damage: One big problem with stucco is when water gets into it. This happens if it’s not put on right, like not using enough flashing or sealant around windows and doors. When water gets in, it can hurt the stucco. This might cause cracks or make the stucco come away from the wall behind it.
  • Cracking: Stucco can crack for different reasons. If it’s not put on right, it can shrink and get cracks. Also, if the building moves or settles, this can make cracks appear in the stucco. Weather, like when it freezes and thaws or when it’s very windy, can also cause the stucco to crack.
  • Efflorescence: This white, powdery stuff you see on stucco is called efflorescence. It happens when there are salts in the stucco mix or the layer underneath it. When moisture gets into the stucco, it dissolves these salts and brings them to the surface. That’s when you see this white powder.
  • Staining: Stains on stucco can happen because of things like algae or mold growing on it, being exposed to pollution, or not cleaning it the right way. These stains can make the stucco look bad and they can be hard to get rid of.
  • Delamination: Delamination is when the stucco comes off from the layer underneath it. This can happen if the surface isn’t prepared well enough, if the stucco doesn’t stick well, or if there’s too much moisture in the layer below the stucco.

We Can Help With Fixing Stucco Problems

Sunny Coast Stucco is good at finding and fixing stucco problems. Their experts check how bad the damage is and suggest the best way to fix it. They use the right methods and materials to make sure the repairs last. If needed, they can even do a big makeover, replacing and reinstalling stucco exteriors properly. This helps make your home look nice again and keeps it strong.

Contact Sunny Coast Stucco

If you’re experiencing any of these stucco-related problems,  you should contact Sunny Coast Stucco. Their expertise in handling stucco defects makes sure your home not only looks good but is also strong and safe. You can call them at (619) 230-5203 for a consultation.

If stucco isn’t put on your home properly, it can cause different kinds of damage that can make your home look bad and less sturdy. Finding these problems early and getting them fixed by professionals like Sunny Coast Stucco is really important for keeping your home looking nice and strong. Dealing with these issues quickly can help you avoid bigger and more expensive repairs later on.


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